Thursday, 2 June 2016

DAW 2016

It has come around again, Dorset Arts Weeks and once more I am fortunate to be exhibiting in the chapel at Othona West Dorset.  Its always a most enjoyable event meeting so many visitors who have a genuine interest with art and so many questions.  Not to mention the wonderful cream teas on offer.

In front of my most recent prints

Canvases by Mart Tebbs

Towards the rear of the chapel

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Small Print International

I recently submitted three prints to the Leicester Print Workshop's Small Print International Exhibition and was fortunate enough to have all three selected.  The prints had to be no larger than 100 square cm, an interesting size to work to.  They also had to be an edition of at least 6 prints, thesse I di as an edition of 8.  They can also be brought online via Leicester Print Workshop. The exhibition will be touring to six different locations around the country during the next year.  A great opportunity to see a range of exciting prints.




Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Printmakers Council at Fifty

Last year the Printmakers Council celebrated its 50th Anniversary.  I have been a member for the last five years and have been able to participate in a number of exhibitions organised by the group.  Last year to celebrate the anniversary the Council organised a number of events to mark the occasion.

These included the publication of a book, ‘Making an Impression’, an Exhibition at the Bankside Gallery and a mini-print portfolio.  I had a print accepted for the mini-print portfolio (shown below) this was exhibited at the main exhibition and then 2 copies of the edition of 5 were included in presentation portfolios that are now held in the collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. The prints all had to be within a 19 by 14 cm image size.

The organising committee worked really hard to activities which helped demonstrate the vibrancy and variety in contemporary printmaking in the UK.


Saturday, 9 April 2016

Drawings for a Cathedral

Last year as one of The Ten Group of Artists, I was able to exhibit some new drawings within Guildford Cathedral.  Our graduation ceremony for the Fine Art degree we all completed in 2010 took place in the Cathedral so the venue was the ideal place to celebrate the fifth anniversary in an exhibition called appropriately Quinquennial.

We decided to make new work for the exhibition inspired by the Cathedral itself.  My drawings took the theme of the Seven Virtues and the Seven Gifts of Spirit, encoding the words themselves and meditating on their meaning.

It was an interesting experience to research the venue and then exhibit there and the Cathedral's team were very supportive of our work.

Guildford Cathedral looking towards the Altar

Panel with my Drawings