Monday, 23 May 2011

Colour Fun

Recent holidays and a family bereavement have reduced my time in the studio over the last month, but I did manage to complete a set of experimental small prints that I have been working on for a little while.  The idea was to quickly work on a lot of small prints with some basic shapes and forms to see how different colours would interact when printed over each other.

Not having played much with colour over the last couple of years, it was good just to have a free hand to explore how different colours would work together.  In this case I have used mainly pure colour with just a couple of mixed ones.  The results can now be seen on the studio wall.

As the screenprinting process gives relatively thin coatings of ink as layers build up, the resulting colours increase in depth and hue as they are printed over. The order of printing will also alter the resulting colour.  

When I want to investigate something then I find making small works like these (they are about 20cm2) the best way, they don’t become too precious and the final result is not so important rather what is learnt on the way.  My next task is another set with a different range of colours based from what I have learned here to try and refine a palette for more finished pieces.