Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Going Large

Over the last few months I have been gradually working on some larger prints, using the same monoprinting techniques that I have used in my recent work.  However working at a larger scale introduces all sorts of additional challenges.

The first aspect was accessing the equipment in the studio to see what was feasible.  Some of the larger screens had not been used for a while so needed a bit of sprucing up to get ready.  Then the squeegees, what sizes were available, there was one at 90cm long and that proved to be the determining factor in the maximum size that could be printed. 

So I prepared a screen and exposed an 85 x 85 cm square to work with for the monoprinting area, as the squeegee needs to extend beyond the area being printed.  The smaller prints I had been working on before we just 30 x 30 cm so this was quite an increase.  Also required were larger brushes – off to the DIY store for some 3 & 4 inch brushes.

An image with two layers of colour already printed
Working at this size to start with was also a bit intimidating, it is a large area to cover and you need to be quite quick so the ink does not dry before printing.  With the screen on the printing bed, I could only just reach the top of the image when painting.  It also took a few tries to get the printing action right with a full even image across the pull.
The screen ready to print with the third layer of colour

So it was a case of persevering with it but I got there in the end and will be showing a couple of canvases at our Summer Exhibition which opens this Friday evening.

'A Certain Kindness'