Sunday, 21 October 2012

Foundation Maeght

Whilst visiting a friend in southern France we went to visit the Foundation Maeght, near St Paul de Vence.  A most unusual place it is a privately conceived and run art foundation, with exhibition spaces and a sculpture garden.  Opened in 1964, there are permanent works on display by Joan Miro, Marc Chagall, George Braque and many other prominent names of modern art.


During our visit there was a temporary exhibition of works by Fabrice Hyber called Homeopathic Painting, a review of over 20 years of work in a style he likened to storyboarding.  Multi-media paintings with drawings and thoughts placed to form a type of narrative.  Personally it was not something that grabbed me that much.


The selections of permanent exhibits in the grounds though were far more fascinating and well-spaced around the gardens allowing the opportunity to see many of the works in the round.  There was also a small chapel containing a beautiful stain glass window designed by George Braque.


All in all it was a fascinating visit and the small neighbouring town of St Paul de Vence also boast a strong artistic heritage and probably more galleries than Cork Street

Braque window in the chapel

Ceramic piece by F Ledger