Monday, 7 January 2013

Hot Bed Press 20:20 Project

Towards the end of the year the studio participated in the 20:20 project organised by Hot Bed Press in Salford.  It is an exchange project where each artist produces a print in an edition of 25.  These are then sent to Hot Bed Press who retain one print for exhibition, and the remainder are redistributed and returned to the artist as a random set of prints from artists around the country.

The name 20:20 comes from the restriction that each print must be made on paper that is 20 x 20 cms in size. It was a slightly daunting project to participate in as I have never made an edition of that size before.  But after a few trial pieces I decided to work on a reduction lino print.

The final result is below, I was fairly happy with this as it presented a few new technical challenges that I had not encountered before but resulted in an image that I was pleased with.  I have since been working on some variations of this work which I will show later.

You can also see the work of all ten artists from Ochre Studios who participated here.

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